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:   To make the website more functional, we have placed insignia, badges, and related items here on this page.  We have a great selection of historic military insignia  from many eras of US History.  We specialize in identifed, well provenanced items and do our own research which we stand behind!  New items are added monthly and listed at the top of the page.  Scroll down to see our patches, badges and other insignia.  Click on the small image for a larger one! For information on these other items on this site, call or text 443-250-9037.   Items marked with ** will be found in our retail location.  Our Shop is located at 5309 Lincoln Highway West, Thomasville Pennsylvania 17364.  We occupy spaces B-10, D-2, A-2 and CG-4A in the center bulding east Antique Mall.  We are open Saturday and Sunday 0800-1600.  Call us at 443-250-9037 if you have questions.  Updated 22 November 2015. 
**983. A very unique WWII German Souvenir. This is as found by one of my sources at a yard sale in Central Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, the owners would not give any information about the person who created it, just that it was from a WWII veteran's family. A Nazi Flag Center, with some damage, was removed from the red background of the flag. Numerous badges from the First World War and Second World War were pinned or otherwise attached to the center. Some of the more notable ones are WWII Ordnungspolizei, Hitler Jugend, Infantry Assault Badge, a WWI Wound Badge, and a Kreigsmarine Veteran's Breast Eagle. I have no more documentation on this piece but believe it is authentic. $650
**6077. Bas Rhin Arc. I have not had much luck researching this patch. It is made from what looks like WWII British Wool. Bas Rhin was occupied by US forces after WWII, and this might be a soldier-made patch from the period. It is rare and unusual. SOLD
**6084. WWII German Hitler Youth Cap Badge. Note manufacturer markings. Original! $55.00
**6086. WWII German Oberschutze Sleeve Rank Pip. This is a tropical cloth patch as used on Afrika Korps Uniforms. Original! $10.00
**6088. WWII German Buttons. A standard silver uniform button, a white camouflage button for Eastern Front use, and the rare overcoat waist belt button. Original! Silver $3.00

White Camouflage $8.00

Overcoat Waist Belt Button $11.00

**6289. Original WWII 28th Infantry Division Patch. Known as the "Iron Division" in WWI, and the "Bloody Bucket" in WWII for the terrible fighting in the Huertgen Forest, the 28th still exists in the PA National Guard! $4.00
**6326. Original WWII 6th Infantry Division Patch. Fought throughout the Pacific Theater of Operations in WWII. $4.00
**6327. Original WWII 7th Infantry Division Patch. Fought throughout the Pacific Theater of Operations in WWII. $4.00
**6328. Original WWII 9th Infantry Division Patch. One of the earliest deployed units in WWII, the 9th fought in North Africa and Normandy. $4.00
**6329. Original WWII 11th Airborne Infantry Division Patch. Fought throughout the Pacific Theater of Operations in WWII. No AIRBORNE Tab. $4.00
**6330. Original WWII 24th Infantry Division Patch. Fought throughout the Pacific Theater of Operations in WWII. $4.00
**6331. Original WWII 31st Infantry Division Patch. Fought throughout the Pacific Theater of Operations in WWII. $4.00
**6332. Original WWII 38th Infantry Division Patch. Fought throughout the Pacific Theater of Operations in WWII. $4.00
**6333. Original WWII 45th Infantry Division Patch. Fought in Italy and France in WWII. $4.00
**6334. Original WWII 65th Infantry Division Patch. Fought late in the European Theater of Operations in WWII. 
**6091. Original WWII Coastal Artillery Corps Officer's Branch Insignia. High quality on original card made by the American Insignia Company (AMICO) $16.00
**6093. Original German WWII Tropical Uniform Shoulder board for Cavalry soldier. Note mothing on back. The top is in perfect displayable condition $25.00
**6095. Unknown WWII-era Japanese six pointed star. It is made exactly like the 5 pointed star of the service cap and kepi's, but with 6 points. Came with a small PTO grouping. $6.00
**6098. Pre-WWII German Tinnie "Tag Der Wehrmacht fur WHW 1938-1939." For winter relief work done by the Army. $15.00
**6101. Pre-WWII Netherlands Naval Pin. Pin-back unusual device. $5.00
**5549. Miniature size US Navy Submarine Officer's Badge. Original WWII Production by the American Insignia Company, this is part of the Wosk Collection from San Diego. 1/20 Gold over Sterling Silver. Pinback. Slight Corrosion.
**5550. WWII Sterling Pin-back Parachutist Wings. Another Wosk Collection, these are brand new on the original cards. Solid backed, with no maker's marks, on original Wosk cards. $100.00
**5559. WWII US Navy Pharmacist Mate Striker Patches. Worn on the cuff of the USN Jumpers, these indicated a person training in a particular rating. Upon formal award of the rating, a promotion was made and the Seaman wore his rate on his rank patch. Price is for each patch. $12.00
**5898. Early WWII US Screw-Back Collar Disk. Abandoned during WWII for the ease of the pin and clutch back pins. $4.00
**6131. US Army WWII Uniform Overseas Stripes.  Each stripe denoted 6 months of service overseas.  These are brand new as removed from rolls of originals stored since WWII. 
one stripe 75ยข
two stripes $1.25
3 stripes $1.75
4 stripes $2.50
**6132. Wool Gabardine Senior Baloonist Patch
**6134 WWII Flight Instructor Wings on Khaki Cloth
**6136. WWII Baloon Observer Wings on Khaki Cloth $10.00
**6138. WWII Army Air Force Patch. 
**6139. WWII Army Air Force Radio Operator Specialist Sleeve Patch
**6141. WWII Army Air Forces Far East Air Force- the air force which was destroyed in the Philippines at the beginning of WWII. 
**6143. WWII Army Air Forces Engineering Specialist Sleeve Patch
**6144. WWII 11th Air Force Patch.  Assigned to the Aleutians and eventually flew against Japanese Mainland Targets. 
**6145. WWII 2nd Air Force Patch.  The 2nd Air Force was responsible for training generally in the Southeast of the US during WWII. 
**6147. WWII 3rd Air Force Patch.  The 3rd Air Force was responsible for training generally in the Southwest of the US during WWII $4.00
**6149. WWII 5th Armored Division Patch.  The 5th Armored was the first US unit to cross the German frontier in WWII. 
**6150. WWII 6th Armored Division Patch.  The 6th Armored fought most mostly in ETO in WWII, but Amphibious Tractor units of the division fought in the PTO. 
**6151. WWII 7th Armored Division Patch.  The 7th Armored fought in George S. Patton's Third US Army. 
**6152. Post-WWII New York National Guard 27th Armor Division.  In existence only in the 1950's and 1960's.  
**6153. WWII 66th Infantry Division Patch. 
**6154. WWII 96th Infantry Division Patch.  Nicknamed "Deadeyes."  
**6168. WWII Army Air Forces Aerial Photographer Specialist Sleeve Patch. $3.00
**6169. WWII 4th Air Force Patch.  Responsible for training in the Northwest of the US during WWII. 
**6170. WWII 6th Air Force Patch.  The 6th Air Force defended Panama and the Caribbean in WWII.   
**6171. WWII 9th Air Force Patch.  The 9th Air Force fought in MTO and ETO in WWII.  
**6172. WWII 5th Air Force Patch.  General MacArthur's Air Force in the Southwest Pacific during WWII, known as Kenney's Kids for General George Kenney.   
**6173. WWII 20th Air Force Patch.  The 20th Air Force flew B-29's against Japan in WWII.  
**6174. WWII 15th Air Force Patch.  The 15th Flew mostly B-24 Liberators out of Italy against the Axis in WWII.   $4.00
**6175. WWII 12th Air Force Patch.  The 12th Air Force flew medium bomber and fighter operations out of Italy in WWII.  
**6176. WWII 13th Air Force Patch.  The 13th Air Force flew out of the Central and North Pacific in WWII- known as the Jungle Air Force. 
**6177. WWII 1st Air Force Patch.  The 1st Air Force was responsible for training in the Northeast US during WWII. 
**6180. Vietnam-era Theatre-made Subdued Sergeant Stripes. 
**6182.  Pre-WWII US Marine Corps Marksman Bar. 
**6183. 1870's US Army Officer's Helmet Plate. 
**6186. WWII Sterling Combat Infantryman's Badge.  Interesting variation- this one has threaded screw back posts like early WWII collar insignia. 
**6188. Indian-War US Cavalry Button. 
**6189. Indian War US Army Button. 
**6240. WWII US Army Master Sergeant Stripe Sets.  Consists of one pair of stripes, summer khaki or winter blue felt or rayon. 
$10.00 per set
**6241. 1948 to 1956 US Army Corporal or Staff Sergeant Stripes.  The smaller stripes were not useful due to difficulty seeing them in action.  They were replaced by the earlier larger stripes in practice, and finally replaced by the green and gold stripes of the Vietnam-era. 
$8.00 per set
**6242. WWII US Army Corporal Stripe Set. 
$7.00 per set
**6243. WWII US Army Staff Sergeant Stripe Set. 
$7.00 per set
\ **6244. German-made late WWII 102nd Infantry Division Crest.  Slightly smaller than a quarter
**6248. WWII-era US Army Ring.  Has an inscription on the back- "Herb" in cursive script.  Maker's mark is a U with an arrow through it. 

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