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: We have a selection of historic militaria to include uniforms, equipment, paperwork, photos and artifacts from many eras of US History.  We specialize in identifed, well provenanced items and do our own research which we stand behind!  New items are added monthly and listed at the top of the page.  Scroll down to see our parts and some interesting military vehicle-related items.  Click on the small image for a larger one! For information on these other items on this site, call or text 443-250-9037.   Items marked with ** will be found in our retail location.  Our Shop is located at 5309 Lincoln Highway West, Thomasville Pennsylvania 17364.  We occupy spaces B-10, D-2, A-2 and CG-4A in the center bulding east Antique Mall.  We are open Saturday and Sunday 0800-1600.  Call us at 443-250-9037 if you have questions.  Updated 16 November 2016.
**7779. 1923 Jeffersonville Quartermaster Depot Leather Belt. As used by officers and enlisted men- shows wear and drying but is very soft and flexible. $25.00
**7752. Vietnam M-3 Medic Bag. Standard medic bag from Vietnam. Includes some contents from when it was used after Vietnam. Very good condition. $75.00
**7654. WWII US Marine Corps Blanket. In distinctive Forest Green and with USMC embroidered. Fair used condition. $33.00
**7620. WWII US Army Hospital Tent Screening Section Stock # 24S-830. As found in an old local building. Used with US Army Hospital Tent. Dated 1945 $45.00
7547. WWII US Navy Parachute Rigger's Tool Kit. Many parachute riggers in the USN and USMC in WWII were women. This is a brand new kit which looks like it had very little use. $225.00
**7537. 1945 Dated US Army Canteen, Cup and Cover. Very good condition! $35.00
**7532. 1943 Dated T-handle Shovel replacement handle. Very rare to find a dated T-handle shovel, and rarer still to find a replacement handle. SOLD
**7530. WWII Enlisted Man Crush Cap. Very nice melton wool. Some minor moth nips, but a very displayable or wearable hat in Size 7 1/8. SOLD
**7527. 1942 Dated Canadian Army Helmet. In excellent condition with nice liner and chin strap. ON HOLD
**7520. WWII British Artillery Range Finders. Unusual find, these are in core condition and will need some work to be fully functional again. Great brass and bronze construction $100.00
**7512. Great Eastern Herringbone Twill Overalls. Made of WWII-style HBT cloth, but a commercial manufacturer. These are as worn by aircraft workers and other workmen from WWII. $35.00
**7506. Set of 1968 dated ERDL (Engineering Research Design Laboratories) Camouflage. With theater-made patches for USAF Airman. Size large regular shirt and probably same on pants. SOLD
**7470, 7472. Pair WWII German Rucksacks. Complete with leather straps but in fair condition. $55.00 each
**7467. US WWII M-8 Spare Barrel Cover. Near new condition- this is for the M1917 Browning heavy (water-cooled) machine gun spare barrels. $25.00
**7465. WWII Custom Officer's Belt with Army Service Forces Crest attached to belt buckle. A PX or private purchase item, this is an early-style crest affixed to a buckle and custom belt. Unusual. $15.00
**7464. Pre-WWII era Camp Ritchie Pillow Sham. Very rare and unusual. Camp Ritchie existed from 1926 to 1942 as a Maryland National Guard Training Site. In 1942, it was taken over by the US Army Counter Intelligence Corps to train agents and renamed Fort Ritchie. SOLD
**7454. US Army M-1 Helmet. Mid-war, front seam, sewn chin strap with a late war or early post-WWII liner and helmet net. Good condition. $110.00
**7435. WWII Entrenching Tool (late war). Copied from the German folding shovel, these were welcomed late in the war. New but shelf-worn condition. $22.00
**7438.WWII T-handle shovel. Early WWII entrenching tool left over from the First World War. Good condition. SOLD
**7336. Vietnam-era M1911 .45 Caliber Magazine Pouch. These are brand new in great condition. $7.50
**7247. WWII Eisenhower Jacket Grouping 2nd Armored Division 78th Armored Field Artillery. Belonging to John Ulicny of Shenandoah, Pennsylvania, this is a great orignal jacket, shirt, dog tag and Ike jacket of a man who went through the history of the "Hell on Wheels" division. The 78th was a unit which used M-7 Priest 105mm armored artillery. Very good condition as found in an estate sale. $275.00
**7229. WWII US SCR300/BC1000 Walkie Talkie radio. One of the two most common radios used by infantry units in WWII, this is a WWII-manufactured radio which was re-conditioned by the Italian Army after WWII. It is in very good condition. Battery box is not corroded, and the battery connector appears nearly new, with battery canvas tapes present. SOLD
**7260. WWII US Navy WAVES uniform grouping identified to Marie E. Hasson. Ms. Hasson was a stenographer in 1941 in Harrisburg, PA. In 1945, she is listed as a member of the US Naval Reserve. This is her identified uniform, with hat and Yeoman 2nd Class rank. I have a bit of documentation on her including where she lived during the war and after. $260.00
**7266. WWII US Army Enlisted Man Service Coat. Size 39L, with Private First Class Stripes. This is a 1940 pattern jacket with the belt hooks sewn into the skirt of the jacket. $25.00
**7256. Size 14 WWII Shoe Packs. Winter gear issued to keep soldier feet warm. These are in brand new condition with original laces. $85.00
**6989. Pair of souvenir French wooden shoes marked to 6th Armored Division. Has dates signifigant to the division, and year of 1944. Unusual WWII collectible.
**7035. Eisehower Jacket and insignia belonging to John Prokidansky. Mr. Prokidansky was a medic in the 3rd Infantry Division. This early post-WWII Ike Jacket has his ID number and ribbons as he wore it just after WWII. $45.00
**7176. US Army A-1 Aerial Delivery Container Light. This light was used to mark aerial delivery containers delivered to Airborne forces in WWII. It consists of a double-ended 3-C-battery powered pair of lights. They are brand new in the original box. $75.00
**7147. US Army TL-122 Flashlight. Original WWII flashlight which was cleaned works with new bulb and batteries. $45.00
**7206. US Navy Aviators Flight Cap. Brand new un-issued from WWII Size Large. $75.00
**7209. US Army Cap, Hot Weather. This is the same cap which was made for Vietnam, but these are the last contract run of the cap made in the mid-1980's before it was retired. Brand new condition in sizes 6 7/8, 7, 7 1/8, 7 3/8. $7.50
** Miscellaneous Enlisted Men's and Women's Caps. Most from WWII, but some from later eras. Prices and conditions vary, but most run from $5.00 to $20.00. $Price Varies!
**7218. 1968 Dated C-ration case with all meal boxes. Very nice condition for Vietnam-era display. The box has some staining on it but it is good shape otherwise. $95.00
537. Named uniform, equipment, flight gear and literature grouping for WWII Army Air Force Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress aircrew member. Click the image for detailed description and price. Click Here for Details!
**6699. First World War British Patriotic Wall Hanging. With the world power leaders up to 1917. Good condition in a hard archival quality covering $55.00
5143. Bag, BG-143A. This is the cover for the Chest, CH-21 which was part of the SCR-499 Radio Equipment. This bag is in excellent original condition. $150.00
**6701. Original WWII Aircraft Recognition Posters. These came from the footlocker of a stateside airman many years ago, unfortunately un-identified. They are in good condition and I have placed each of them in an archival quality hard covering to preserve them. I have the following aircraft: TBF Avenger, Focke Wulfe Kurier (FW-200),  Mitsubishi Type 96 Bomber,  Martin PBM Mariner, Grumman F4F Wildcat, Messerschmidt ME-109E, Brewster F2A Buffalo, Heinkel HE-111, Curtiss AT-10, Beech C-45, Junkers JU-87, Vought SB2U Vindicator, Douglass TBD, Boeing PT-17 Stearman, Messerschmitt ME-110, Junkers JU-52, Catalina PBY-5, Curtiss SB2C Helldiver, Savoia Marchetti SM.79, Corsair F4U, Dornier DO-215, Maachi C200.   Price is per poster! $35.00
**6703. WWII ASCZ Medic Eisenhower Jacket. Unfortunately un-identified, this probably belonged to a hospital or independent medical battalion medic in the ASCZ. Very good condition $55.00
< **6706. Korean War-era Poncho in very good condition. $18.00
< **6711. Cavalry Equipment Hanger. $22.00
**6868. WWII US Army wool sleeping bag. In very good condition but without covers. $35.00
**5900, 5902. Post-WWII Pilot's Emergency Radio Vest. Used to carry the emergency radio and the battery in two separate pockets on the vest, this was worn by pilots during flight to be with them if they bailed out or ejected. Two versions- the early Blue US Air Force one and the later sage green item. Both are very rare. Green Vest $25.00
Blue Vest $40.00
**5904. WWII Pilot's B-8 Polaroid Goggles. Missing strap. $10.00
**5906. WWII Eisenhower Jacket and tie belonging to William C Baumer, 85th Infantry Division. Mr. Baumer was a native of Baltimore City, drafted in 1942. He served in the "Custer Division" named after George Custer of Civil War and Indian War fame. Mr. Baumer lived in East Baltimore, and died in line of duty in the Baltimore City Police Department in 1967. Mr. Baumer's brother Andrew was killed in action in Normandy in June 1944. Included is a print-out of William C Baumer's enlistment record and a page from the internet about his death in line of duty in te Baltimore Police Department. This uniform is in fair condition only due to mothing around the jacket. $70.00
**6009. WWII X-Ray Gloves. Poor to Fair Condition, these are original WWII gloves. $15.00
**6081. WWII German Bread Bag Strap. Used but fair to good condition. SOLD
**6082. WWII German Dagger Hanger connecting piece. Original! $35.00
**6090. WWII German Photo of Soldiers marching. $4.00
**6097. WWII box of US Army Flashlight bulbs. $4.00
**6105. Brand-new 1945 German Flashlight. Very good condition except for slight rust on the hanger bail. SOLD
**6107. Interesting small WWII grouping. Eisenhower Jacket and Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Footlocker belonging to Charles J. Long of Wrightsville PA. While many solders got their start in the CCC before WWII, it is rare to find a grouping which reflects those two aspects of National Service. The CCC put many people to work improving the parks and public works which were in need during the depression. I am still researching Mr. Long, but have provided what knowledge I can about him. $110.00
**6116. WWII US Navy uniform for Lieutenant, Junior Grade. Includes Pants. Minor moth damage over the piece. SOLD
**5555. Original WWII Glass Syringes in original shipping boxes. They are new but the boxes show wear. Two different types, price is for one syringe. $8.00
**4885. Original 8th Air Force Uniform of Staff Sergeant Alcide Perron. SSG Perron was a Maine veteran welder of the 8th Air Force. We are still trying to find more information on his service. $60.00
**3987. Photo album belonging to Elmer J Ritchie. Mr. Ritchie was an Army Air Force Armorer. This is his photo album. It shows his wife, his brother, and some of the activities which took place at Buckley Field Colorado during Aircraft Armorer's Training during WWII. There are many photos of vehicles, barracks, and army buddies. Great album! $87.00
**3855. WWII Crates. I have several sizes as shown. These are brand new, found in a barn near Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey. Price is per crate. $30.00
**1463. Brand new WWII Army Air Force Survival Water Bladder. These were located on the survival seat packs, life rafts, and other survival kits in WWII. 15.00
**5608.  Beacon Radio, AN URT-33A.  Carried as a survival radio by US Air Force and Naval Aviation Personnel during the Vietnam War.  This one has dates of use during that time.  No battery is included.  There is a slight crack on the antennae cover. 
**5304.  Pilot's Operating Manual for the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress.  This is an original WWII manual in good condition, although it had the covers taped up to help preservation by an earlier owner.  Has a history of the B-17 until the creation of the G model. 
**5308.  WWII US Army Air Force Thermos's.  One is brand new still in the original box.  The other, the stainless steel one, has a few dents and dings and is missing its cup.  Price is for each. 
5309.  WWII Jungle First Aid Kit.  Used in larger aircraft operating over jungle areas, this had medications, ointments, and bandages suitable for the jungle combat environment.  The case is made from phenolic resin to resist jungle rot. 
**5313.  Original WWII Life Raft Floating Survival Knife.  The handle is light weight wood filled with cork to float if dropped.  The blade is curved and angled in such a way that it cannot puncture the liferaft.  The sheath was made to sew onto the life raft. 
5371.  WWII Chest, Records, Fiber.  The medium size field desk of WWII.  Includes a working lock mechanism and key.  Not shown in the photos is an original top drawer which is included. 
**5377.  WWII US Navy Field Desk.  Same size as the US Army large field desk, this is a US Navy version which is much rarer. 
**5586.  WWII German Officer's Boots.  Re-soled at a later date with post-WWII soles.  Very good condition otherwise. 
**5594.  Original WWI US Mounted Cartridge Belt.  The empty space was for a M1911 Pistol Magazine Pouch.  This belt is in excellent original condition, one of the nicest I have seen in years. 

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