This is an identified grouping originating from Staff Sergeant Albert Imhoff.  Staff Sergeant Imhoff worked as an instructor in the 2nd Air Force after his tour in ETO.  Please see the descriptions of the items part of this grouping. 

This is a rare opportunity to acquire a mostly intact grouping of an enlisted B-17 crewman from WWII.  Most items issued to flight crew are present in this grouping. 

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The Enlisted Overcoat. Very good condition with 2nd Air Force and Staff Sergeant patches. $1600.00 is the price for the complete grouping!
ETO-styled cut-down enlisted man's service coat made into Eisenhower Jacket. Note the Presidential Unit Citation on the right breast pocket.  Unfortunately, the last owner of this grouping did not identify which unit Mr. Imhoff fought with in ETO.  
A-4 Flight Suit.  Good to very good condition, with all zippers intact and working. 

Enlisted man's uniform items.  Includes overseas caps, wool pants, 2 pair of leggings, wool gloves, and wool muffler. 

Two WWII Enlisted Man Khaki Shirts. 

Flight Gear Items.  The A-11 Flight Helmet is in good condition, with original ear pieces.  The B-2 cap is also in very good condition.  The B-6 flight helmet is in fair condition.  The oxygen mask is as noted in the photos, with damage.  The AN 6530 Goggles are in very good condition.  Note also additional headset and throat microphone. 

The original literature which comes with this grouping.  Includes inspection notes, Boeing B-17 Erection and Maintenance Manual, 2nd Air Force Flight Engineer's checklist for the B-17, the Radio Operator's Information file, and a visual inspection system manual for AAF aircraft. 

$1600.00 is the price for the complete grouping!

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